ORLANDO, Fla. — Keeping watch over a loved one who is being hospitalized can be exhausting.

A unique house in Orlando, the Hubbard House, that’s helped thousands of people with watching over hospitalized loved ones for more than two decades, is closing its doors.

  • Hubbard House in Orlando closing December 14
  • Orlando Health says major repairs not cost effective to undertake
  • Company is working with families to find reduced rates at nearby hotels
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Orlando Health says it’s closing the hospitality house that’s provided a place for families of patients who live out of town.

“It’s been such a help to the patients and their families to be able to stay there, and to take that away, it’s devastating, it really is,” said Pam Crowell, who has volunteered at the Hubbard House for 25 years.

The Hubbard House is within steps of Orlando Regional Medical Center and a short walk from Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies.

Orlando Health says it’s closing the house due to substantial repair needs that are not cost effective to undertake.

The house ran largely off donations. It didn’t charge guests for staying.

“For nearly 25 years, we have served patients and family members from across the state and country, and in many cases the world,” said John Bozard, Senior Vice President of Orlando Health, and President of Orlando Health Foundation.

“The years of generous support from our team members, donors, and the community paved the way for our Hubbard House team to bring comfort to our out-of-town patients and guests, allowing them to be close to family members and loved ones being treated at the hospital,” Bozard added.

Patti Fletcher, who traveled several hours to ORMC for her grandson’s surgery, says she wishes she could stay in the house to get some rest so she can be refreshed when her grandson wakes up.

“You have to be up so early in the morning and stay up all day, and you have to be strong for them and keep them going,” Fletcher said.

About 50 guests stayed at Hubbard House each night. Orlando Health says it will now work with those guests to find reduced rates at nearby hotels.

Orlando Health says the Hubbard House will close for good Friday, December 14.

It says future options for a replacement hospitality house are still being evaluated.