ORLANDO, Fla. -- Many people are remembering George H.W. Bush as a man who never met a stranger.

  • People share memories of George H.W. Bush
  • Bush died Nov. 30 at the age of 94
  • Scoti Lucas met him when he visited Orlando in 1999 

People are sharing pictures they took with him on social media.

Scoti Lucas says she was working as a banquet server for Universal Studios Florida when she was assigned to take care of the former president and first lady for about an hour while they waited to speak at a charity event back in 1999.  It was nearly 20 years ago, but Lucas remembers it like it was yesterday.  She says she didn't have a chance to be nervous.

"He was asking me about what I did – where I worked, how long, if I liked it," Lucas said. "They had a way of making you feel as almost you were part of their family."

Lucas says when Bush was asked to pose for a picture with other dignitaries, he shrugged.

"I was sitting on the other side of couch and he looked over at me and was like, 'Scoti, I'm so tired,'" said Lucas. "Once they exited the room he looked at me and my co-worker and said, 'this is the picture I want.'"

"It was nothing less than a fantastic experience that I was blessed and honored to have," Lucas and.

When Lucas found out about Bush's death over the weekend, she cried.

"I felt like I had lost a personal family member," she said.

Lucas says she's seen a lot of flags lowered to half-mast in her life, but this one is most poignant.

"For all of the flags I've seen at half-mast, this is the one that pulls at my heartstrings the most," Lucas said.

She says she'll always cherish the picture she got with a president.

"And it sits on my mantle with the other pictures of my family members and its right at home there, because that's how he made me feel," Lucas said.​