ORLANDO, Fla. — People living in the Lake Eola Heights area in downtown Orlando are shaken up after string of trash fires that started late Thursday night.

Officials suspect they were intentionally set.

  • Fires happened along 5 streets in downtown Orlando
  • Orlando officials believe the fires were set by the same person or group
  • The fires melted the plastic trash barrels

The fire was one of many that broke out overnight; the first happening on Concord, then Ruth Lane, followed by Livingston and finally Highland.


“Scary, like scary to think about who would do something like this," said Kyle Lemaire, who lives nearby. “I guess we are the fifth, so there was four before us.”

Lemaire pointed out the charred remains of a trash can that sat feet from his bedroom window.

"It’s definitely freaky," said Lemaire. "At first very nervous, just because like what if someone is out there has a grudge?”

People said they know they are lucky the fires were put out before anyone or any homes were lost.


“The hope is they find them. I mean who ever did it is a troubled person going through a rough time, ran into a bout of malevolence," Lemaire said. "I hope that they find peace with whatever they are going through. I hope there are no more fires." 

No arrests have been made yet, but the Orlando Fire Department believes this was done by the same person or individuals.