FLORIDA — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has cleared Florida-grown romaine lettuce after a multi-state E. coli outbreak, Commissioner Adam Putnam announced today. 

  • CDC clears Florida-grown romaine lettuce
  • CDC warned public not eat romaine lettuce after E. coli outbreak
  • Outbreak appeared to be from California

The Food and Drug Administration narrowed its blanket warning from last week, when it said people shouldn't eat any romaine because of an E. coli outbreak. The agency said Monday the romaine linked to the outbreak appears to be from the California's Central Coast region. It said romaine from elsewhere should soon be labeled with harvest dates and regions, so people know it's OK to eat.

On November 20, the CDC warned the public not to eat any romaine lettuce and, at the same time, the FDA requested that all romaine lettuce in the marketplace be removed. 

“Americans deserve a safe, nutritious and abundant food supply, and I’m alarmed to hear that dozens of people have been sickened with this foodborne illness,” said Commissioner Putnam. “While the federal investigation is ongoing, I’m encouraged that Florida-grown romaine lettuce is not linked to the outbreak and has been cleared to re-enter the marketplace.” 

Commissioner Putnam recently spoke with FDA Commissioner Scott Gottleib and advocated for the reintroduction of Florida romaine into the market place. 

The FDA still hasn't identified a source of contamination in the latest outbreak. There have been no reported deaths, but health officials say 43 people in 12 states have been sickened. Twenty-two people in Canada were also sickened.