COCOA, Fla. — Police say a shooting at a laundromat Monday in Cocoa was a self-defense case.

The incident happened at the Dixon Laundromat on Dixon Boulevard.

Police say the shooter was at the laundromat when he was confronted by the victim.

Police says the shooter described the victim as being aggressive and threatening, and said he was in fear of his safety, which is why he fired. The shooter then called 911.

The manager of the laundromat says there was an argument outside the business, and then she heard the gunshots and called police.

“I heard the shooter say something like ‘back-up, get away,’ and I turned around and I heard a pop and somebody say ‘somebody got shot,’" the manager told Spectrum News reporter Greg Pallone. 

The victim was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. Police say he made similar statements, saying he was the aggressor.

No word on what the argument was about. Police say there will be no criminal charges.