ORLANDO, Fla. — October finished the way September did -- warmer and drier than average for most of Central Florida. 

The only spot to finish wetter than normal was Daytona Beach.

Orlando, Melbourne, Daytona Beach, and Sanford all felt one of their top 10 warmest October's on record.


Orlando tied or broke three record warm morning low temperatures. The monthly average this year was 78.1 degrees. That is more than 2 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for October in Orlando. That makes this October the sixth warmest on record for the City Beautiful.

Orlando finished more than inch drier than average for the month.


Melbourne set or tied the most records of all the “official” observation sites across Central Florida with ten records. Two of those were record highs while eight were record warm, morning low temperatures.

Melbourne had its second warmest October on record with a temperature of 80.3 degrees. That is more than 4 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for October in Melbourne. It missed being the warmest October by only four-tenths of a degree. The first warmest is 2007, and October 2017 was the eighth warmest on record.

In the rain department, Melbourne was one of the driest spots during the month with a rain deficit of nearly 4 inches. It makes this October the 14th driest October on record. Melbourne only picked up 1.27 inches of rain.


Sanford set or broke the second most number of record temperatures with a total of eight. Six of those were record highs that were either tied or broken. The average monthly temperature in Sanford finished nearly 3 degrees warmer. This is the third warmest October on record.

Like Melbourne, Sanford fell short of its normal rainfall for the month by more than two and a half inches of rain. It goes down as the 10th driest October on record with only 1.14 inches received.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach was the only location to finish the month wetter than average. It was mostly thanks to heavy bands of rain that moved on-shore from the Atlantic on October 25. On that day, Daytona Beach broke a daily rainfall record with a total of 2.91 inches of rain. The old record of 1.22 inches was shattered and it was set in 1924.

Daytona picked up a total of 5.78 inches for the month, and that is more than one 1.5 inches wetter than normal.