HOLLY HILL, Fla. — On Wednesday, a woman is accused of kidnapping of a 5-month-old baby girl in Holly Hill, according to police

  • Jade Zatalava has been charged with kidnapping
  • The baby is safe and back with her mother
  • Man with Zatalava allegedly stole an SUV

Sarah Ordonez is charged with domestic battery and Jade Zatalava is charged with kidnapping, according to police, who added that the women were taken into squad cars Wednesday night at the Holy Hill Police Department.

Police say they were two other people involved.

Police say the incident started around 3:11 p.m. at the Arrow Wrecker Service and Towing at 541 Carswell Ave. when a Mitsubishi Lancer with five people inside, two adult males, two females and the infant, pulled up.

Ordonez, the babysitter, went into the towing company to conduct business while the other people stayed in the car.

While she did that, police say one of the men allegedly stole a GMC Yukon SUV that was owned by the towing company and has not been seen since.

"One of the males steals a truck that belongs to the wrecker service," Holly Hill Police Chief Stephen Aldrich explained.

Zatavala and the second man sped away with the baby and ended up at Oakwood Apartments on Clifton Avenue, leaving Ordonez behind.

At the apartment complex, Cody Davis was approached by the man, woman and baby at his apartment. Davis said the woman asked if she could sit outside and he left.

"She told me just like this she said that this was another girl's baby," said Davis.

Police later arrived at the apartment complex after using an emergency GPS to search for Ordonez's phone, which was left in the car.

"Arrested her, the lady and the baby they handcuffed her right there and took her to jail," said Davis.

According to an investigation report, Zatalava drank water and changed the baby's diaper at Davis's apartment and while she had a cell phone on her, she stated she did not call law enforcement because she did not "want to snitch."

She is also accused of trying to hide the infant girl when a deputy chief from the Police Department approached a group of people at the apartment and asked if anyone had seen a baby.

Zatavala has been charged with kidnapping a person under 13 years old and is in custody with a no bond.

Ordonez has been charged with domestic battery with a bond amount of $0. She is not in custody.

The child is safe and is back with the mother, who had no idea this is going on. Both vehicles have been recovered.

The two males are still on the loose and police have not released a description of them.