TITUSVILLE, Florida — In Brevard County, more than 70 animals from the hurricane-ravaged Panhandle are now on the Space Coast and ready for new homes.

The SPCA of Brevard just returned with 50 cats and 24 dogs from Marianna and Quincy, Florida who were in rescue groups before the storm.

One building was destroyed when Michael roared through. Now the animals are safe and sound at the SPCA shelter in Titusville.

“It's emotional seeing all these animals being rescued and being pulled from this type of situation. They were doing their best up there, but it wasn't the greatest. And being able to help them and know they are safe with us now is a really good thing,” said Susan Naylor with SPCA of Brevard.

The animals are being checked out by the staff veterinarian.

Most will be available for fostering or adopting soon.

For more information, visit the SPCA of Brevard’s website.