ORLANDO, Fla. — For the first time in years, UCF students will have access to an on-campus voting site.

  • UCF opens voting site at Live Oak Event Center
  • Move comes after judge overuled statewide ban on on-campus sites
  • Center will be open to voter from Oct. 22 to Nov. 4

This comes just after a Judge ruled a 4-year-old statewide ban for on-campus voting sites was illegal.

Now, students are gearing up to raise awareness, in hopes of encouraging busy students to actually visit the site and practice their right to vote.

Hitting the pavement is now a trend March for Our Lives organizers and UCF students are used to. For them, this voting cycle became personal because the Parkland shooting hit too close to home.

For some -- like Aly Justice -- Parkland is her home. And since the tragedy has made it her mission to work with this team to raise awareness and rally people, specifically her fellow students to practice their right to vote.

“After the Parkland shooting, political awareness has gone up so much more, and (voter) registration has gone up significantly,” Justice said.

But without a location on-campus, many students without a car may not have made it to a voting location – until now.

“Its’s a sense of relief, because now kids will have more access to voting. A very big issue on campus is transportation because not everyone has cars,” she said.

Following a Judge’s ruling overturning a ban for on-campus voting locations, UCF and the Supervisor of Elections selected to open the Live Oak Event Center to registered voters in the area surrounding campus to fill out their ballots.

Selected for access to parking garages, it isn’t in the center of campus, but for Justice and these students who came together to rally people to the ballot box, they are just glad they finally have one.

“Increasing voter turnout… It’s going to get higher and higher hopefully… It’s a movement,” she said.

The Live Oak Event Center will be open to all Orange County voters in and around the area from Oct. 22 to Nov. 4.