KISSIMMEE, Fla. — There’s been plenty of excitement about SunRail’s new service in Osceola County, but not everyone is happy about it.

  • Residents want a bus connection to get to SunRail station
  • Some Poinciana residents say there's no way to get there via public transit
  • The petition has about 600 signatures

Some residents in Poinciana say it’s hard to use the train when there’s no way of getting there by public transportation.

Keith Laytham has been living in Poinciana for 10 years. He was excited about SunRail extending all the way to his neck of the woods, until he realized there wouldn’t be any LYNX service buses taking riders to the train station.

Laytham said, “Why would anyone want to go to downtown Kissimmee to get the SunRail when we have a SunRail station that we spent millions of dollars to build?”

This is why he created this petition asking for a bus connection to the Poinciana Sunrail Station trains.

“Once again Poinciana is at the end of the line, and it’s getting the short end of the stick,” Laytham said.

The petition has about 600 signatures, and Laytham hopes the county is listening.

“The petition speaks for itself,” Laytham said. “The people who took the time to sign the petition and put their name on had said that they would like to have bus service to and from the Poinciana station.”

Osceola County commissioner Brandon Arrington oversees this district. He said increasing bus service to the Poinciana area is not in their immediate plans.

Arrington released a statement that reads, “We have other areas throughout the county which have no bus service at all. Connecting those areas to mass transit and increasing service hours of SunRail is where my priority remains. I suggest the residents of Solivita look at creating a neighborhood shuttle for themselves.”

Laytham is still hopeful another avenue will come about. He said he is worried if there aren’t enough people riding the SunRail, then taxpayers are going to have to end up footing the bill for this multi-million dollar project.