ORLANDO, Fla. -- Turning one way streets in to two way streets -- that is what the City of Orlando is looking to do in parts of downtown, specifically in the area of downtown known as the ‘North Quarter.’

  • City officials consider two-way streets in parts of downtown
  • Aiming for 'North Quarter,' bustling spot with new restaurants, apartments
  • City said change could happen, barring funding, by 2021

That's a spot that is up and coming with lots of new restaurants and apartments complexes. The stretch of Orange from Colonial up to Lake Ivanhoe, as well as the paralleling Magnolia Avenue, are being looked at as being a two-way street.

"Especially from right down there by 50 -- people -- and over here on Magnolia at 50. Everyone always goes up the wrong way," said Nicole Bowlen, the manager of Reyes Mezcaleria, which sits at the heart of North Quarter.

She hopes it becomes a real thing too, because it could boost business.

"I think it's definitely a possibility, getting more people," Bowlen said. "Parking, people have a hard time finding parking because it's street parking, and you can only go one way."


 Orlando's Transportation Director Billy Hattaway said people want the amenities that were historically in a downtown, which is more restaurants and more retail.

"Retail is not supported as well by one-way streets as (it is) by two-way streets, restaurants, retail, everything that makes a downtown vibrant," Hattaway added.

Hattaway also said two-way traffic would slow people's speeds down and increase safety. This isn't something that would happen overnight, since there's a lot of work to be done.

"The signals would have to be redone, the signing would have to be redone," Hattaway said. "Depending on what comes out of the study, there may be some reconfiguration."

It really depends on funding and other things, but the city says this could be such a thing by the time I-4 Ultimate finishes in 2021.

Down the road, Orange, Magnolia and Rosalind could be two-way through downtown, depending on how this works.