BUFFALO, N.Y. — "I guess it's a local swimming pool. These potholes are real bad — I've seen tail pipes cracked, mufflers ripped off and it's been like this for years," said David Williams, a longtime resident of the Kenfield-Langfield apartment complex. "It's not like it's just a one summer thing or just happened in the winter. It's been like this for a long time. Years!" 

He's reached out to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority about the potholes that line the roads within the complex and near his home off Collins Walk.

He says the promises BMHA has made to fix the potholes have been as broken as the pavement itself. 

On Friday, photos of the potholes were shown to Gillian Brown, BMHA's interim director.

"The ruts in these parking lots and the holes are horrible. I've been out there myself in the last several days, they need to be fixed," he said.

Brown doesn't know why the work wasn't done under Dawn Sanders, the previous head of the authority who abruptly resigned in March. He says his focus is on getting the work done as soon as possible.        

"My building superintendent is meeting on Monday with a representative of the city who does the cold patching for the city, and we're gonna be making an arrangement for the city to go out there and hopefully help us with the cold patching of the big holes, get that all settled," he said. "After that, we can put out a bid and get a contractor to do the general repaving. It needs to be done."

Brown says hopefully the work will be done before the winter.

That's good news for Williams and his neighbors, but he's not holding his breathe.    

“I hope so. The sooner the better than later," said Williams.