ORLANDO, Fla. -- SunRail plans to open its newest rail stations next month, and the rail line is releasing a new train schedule to get riders ready.

  • SunRail to open 4 stations next month
  • 1 in South Orange County, 3 in Osceola
  • New train schedule starts July 23

Starting July 23, SunRail will start running a new schedule with more midday time slots. The trains will also start running later at night. All told, SunRail says there will now be 20 round trips a day, up from 18. 

SunRail currently runs across 32 miles, stopping at 12 stations. The new schedule will start July 23 to give riders a chance to adjust to the new schedule before the four new stations open.

Then, on July 30, SunRail will begin picking up passengers from the Meadow Woods station in Orange County,  and the Tupperware, Kissimee/Amtrak and Poinciana stations in Osceola County. 

To see the new SunRail schedule, head to the SunRail website.