SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- You may have noticed many of those blue tarps still covering roofs across Central Florida months after Hurricane Irma caused damage. 

  • Seminole Co. Emergency Manager worried about lingering storm damage
  • Many roofs still have blue tarps covering them
  • Problem could worsen if another major storm hits

But if another major storm comes - that could be a problem.

Seminole County Emergency Manager Alan Harris says if another major storm hits the area, anyone living in a home with a blue tarp on it – or a home that still has other significant hurricane damage – will be included in voluntary evacuations.

One resident at a condominium complex in Altamonte Springs, which is getting new roofs installed this month, says delays with insurance claims have prolonged the wait to get repairs fixed.

“I was born and raised in Florida, so I know how the hurricane system works and how it takes a while for everybody to catch up on repairs, but being this far out – no, we didn’t expect that,” resident Brian Boyer said.

Harris is urging residents who still have blue tarps and other hurricane damage to take time now to figure out where they would stay or who they would stay with if a major storm hit the area. 

Harris says finding family or friends to stay with is usually a more comfortable option than relying on evacuation shelters.