SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- A female bear that wildlife officials think was responsible for attacking several dogs and breaking into an SUV last month has been captured and put down, they said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they'd been trying to trap the bear for the past several months.

Early Friday morning, officers went to The Estates at Springs Landing in Longwood and tranquilized the bear. It was euthanized.

Biologists said it continued to exhibit "conflict behavior" and posed a threat to human safety.

During the last week of April, two dogs were attacked by a bear in the Longwood area. Days later, a bear broke into an unlocked SUV in Seminole County and tore up the interior. FWC thinks this female bear was responsible for both incidents.

On May 8, one Sabal Woods resident, Kourtney Pierson, found her garage destroyed by the bear, who got in by breaking down her garage door.

"It was scary," Pierson explained. "The second night it came back, it ripped the part of the door handle completely off. If it tore down this wood door, what was to stop it from getting through the wood door to my house? We couldn't sleep."

The bear raided Pierson's family's garage three nights in a row. 

Some people in the area where the bear had been spotted said they didn't want wildlife officials to put down the bear, even if it was causing problems.

Because it had attacked several dogs, the bear's body is undergoing rabies testing, FWC said.

The cub that was captured was released in the Ocala National Forest. FWC is still searching for the other cub spotted traveling with the mother bear. If they find the cub, they plan to release it into the wild away from the neighborhood, as well.

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