Angry anglers are causing concern at one popular southern Brevard County park.

  • Angry anglers causing concern at Sebastian Inlet State Park
  • One complaint: someone spread feces on rail to mark territory
  • Park officials have drafted resolution to fix problem

Officials at Sebastian Inlet State Park have received numerous complaints about bad behavior on the fishing jetty. They are now seeking help from Tallahassee.

“We have a folder full of these complaints,” said Martin Smithson, Sebastian Inlet district administrator.

Some of the complaints include anglers hurling lures at boaters and verbal and physical fights between fishermen over claimed spots. In one instance, someone spread feces on a rail to mark their area.

There was even one report of someone pulling a knife on another person.

Smithson says an estimated 80,000 people visit the jetty each year. The crowd has led to some bad blood.

"We are on a mission to get it resolved, because it's too great of a spot to let it go," Smithson said.

However, Florida Fish and Wildlife doesn’t have the manpower to monitor the park 24-7. Cameras are in place, but they don’t seem to be curbing the bad behavior.

Inlet officials want to meet with officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the state park system to figure out how to reduce the ongoing conflicts.

They drafted a resolution and sent it to Tallahassee three weeks ago but have not received a response.