In the small town of Webster in Sumter County, the friends and family of Terrance Jackson peer inside a boarded up building along CR 727. After a few minutes, they are let inside by a man with a key.

“This is where it took place at,” said Treva Jackson. Her brother Terrance was killed in the building on early Monday morning, Feb. 6.  

Items from that that deadly night are left scattered across the room.  

“You don’t really hear about this stuff happening, especially around here, ya know,” said Treva. “Everybody know everybody, at least I thought everybody get along.”

Terrance was spending time on Super Bowl Sunday with friends, including suspect William Seward II. After the game Jackson, Seward and others started to play cards.

Sumter County deputies say it was during that card game that Terrance and Seward got into an argument over money. Witnesses reported Seward shot Jackson multiple times, killing him.

Now Seward is on Sumter Counties most wanted list.

“It’s very concerning especially given the nature of the shooting, that other people could have been injured, obviously he has no regard for life,” said Cpt.James Haworth, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

And while Seward remains at large, Jackson’s family and friends decided to hold a vigil Friday night to pray.

“We are not just going to pray for my family, but we are going to pray for the other family also. We are going to pray,” said Treva. “Everybody got a memory, everybody got a memory with him, he was loved. He was loved.” 

A local pastor spoke to the crowd. Tears could be seen in almost everyone’s eyes as they all grasped candles.

At the end, balloons were released into the dark night, with the hopes that everyone remembers Jackson as a good person.

“Kind, loving, caring, he would give you the shirt off his back. Do anything for anyone,” said Treva.

William Seward II. (Sumter County Sheriff's Office)

Seward II is believed to be armed and dangerous. Anyone with an idea of his whereabout is warned not to approach him but call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).