A popular tourist attraction in Seminole County is just now starting to bounce back after dealing with flooding from Hurricane Irma.

  • Black Hammock finally bouncing back after Hurricane Irma
  • Manager said business lost thousands a week in revenue
  • Restaurant, main bar and airboat rides now open

Black Hammock is still recovering after dealing with several months of flooding.

Airboat rides with Black Hammock Adventures take people across Lake Jesup, which is full of alligators.

But the rides nearly stopped as flooding from Irma raised lake levels by several feet. Black Hammock’s gift shop, main bar and airboat launching peninsula were all flooded.

“While the rest of the property was still recovering, we were doing what we could to support the Black Hammock,” said airboat Captain Steve Hanstein.

For three months, the rides continued while the water slowly went back down. A dock was extended over the business’s flooded parking lot to allow people to board the airboats.

Overall, business operations took a major hit. A manager said the business lost thousands of dollars a week in revenue.

The main bar and entertainment section of Black Hammock has now reopened. But employees say business is much slower than before and may be that way until customers find out they’re serving again.

With visitors still coming to check out alligators and other wildlife, workers at Black Hammock hope they’ll continue recovering after long-lasting effects from Irma.

“The water is just getting back. We’re not to normal, but we’re getting close,” said Hanstein.

Black Hammock is still getting its gift shop and a smaller bar reopened, but its airboat rides, restaurant and main bar are all back open.