One year ago tonight, Sade Dixon was shot and killed right in front of her family's Orlando home. Her ex-boyfriend Markeith Loyd is accused of pulling the trigger.

On Wednesday, Dixon's family released purple balloons in the sky marking the minute Dixon was shot in 2016.

Huddled in the front lawn of the Dixon-Daniel family home, the loved ones and family of Sade Dixon remembered why their home is still riddled with bullet holes and why two young boys are now in this world without their mother.

"I guess it's to tell her that we still love her and that we are still thinking about her." Sade's mother said.

The night marked one year since her daughter’s murder.

After Dixon's death, Loyd went on the run. While evading arrest, he is accused of also shooting and killing Lt. Debra Clayton when she spotted him at a local Walmart.

Loyd is now in jail awaiting trial for both of their murders and Dixon's family is just hoping for justice.

"It hurts, it hurts because she should be here with us. She should be here with us," said the mother of Sade Dixon, Stephanie Dixon-Daniels.

In her memory, they will launch a foundation in the new year called the Sade Dixon Three Heart Beats Foundations. They hope it will help women get out of domestic violence situations.

Now they pray for justice and hope that Sade Dixon's ex-boyfriend will pay for his crime.

"He's not even worth the thoughts or the breaths. I really don't care, I just want justice to be served." Dixon-Daniels said.