The CES show is about technology, not fashion — but one gadget at this 2017 expo is all about the shoes.

The shoes are called Tacklin.

They are haptic feedback shoes, which include hand controllers, which allow a user to feel with their hands and feet what they're seeing with their eyes.

How does it work?

"It's VR shoes. First, you're going to wear your shoes and wear your helmet, and you can walk around your VR wall and feel," exhibitor Takuma Iwasa said.

"When you're going to kick the monster or kick the wall, you can feel that from the monster or the wall," he said.

And with the hand? Same thing.

"You can punch or kick like Street Fighter," Iwasa said.

What will you feel in your hands?

"You're going to feel the items. You can punch through the wall and feel the hardness," he said.

As futuristic as this may sound, developers say Tacklin technology will be out this fall, starting with compatibility with Samsung and Google VR headsets." 

The Tacklin system not only comes with footwear, but users hold onto grips that add a tactile experience to their virtual-reality game. (News 13)