Hundreds of drivers and motorcyclists traveled from Flagler to Volusia County in an effort to save lives of those battling breast cancer Sunday, as part of Florida Hospital's second annual Pink Army Ride.

  • Rides raise money to fund breast cancer early detection
  • Last year participants raised more than $5,000
  • Pink Army hosting 5K run October 16

Sunday's ride was also breast cancer survivor Louise Cummer's chance to ride again to raise awareness. Cummer was diagnosed with and survived breast cancer twice.

"I felt a lump in my breast," said Cummer. "First thing in my thought was 'God, you chose me, you're going to walk with me."

Cummer survived her battle in part due to a bilateral mastectomy, but she lost her sister to breast cancer in 2009.

Now a part of the Florida Hospital Flagler's Pink Army effort, Cummer rides to raise money for breast cancer patients in Flagler and Volusia Counties. The cause brought Cummer and more than 200 other riders and drivers -- from cancer survivors to bike clubs to first responders -- together on Sunday.

"That money goes not only to the foundation, but towards women who can't afford to have mammograms so that way they can get their screening and treatment that they need to fight breast cancer," said Florida Hospital Regional COO Darlinda Copeland.

"We've won the battle, now we're going to win the war," said survivor Elaine Gonsalves. "All these people that are here to support us, please support."

Last year, participants and sponsors raised more than $5,000. This year there were even more riders.

But the goal of this nearly two hour ride is not just to raise money. It's to save lives and give hope.

"I feel special that God chose me, and that I'm able to say 'hey you're able to survive,' that there's always hope," said Cummer.

The Pink Army will also host a 5K on October 16 to raise awareness and money for screenings and mammograms. For more information or to register for the event, click HERE.

Ph: Brittany Jones, staff