In light of the Pulse nightclub massacre, a non-profit with a message of solidarity is rising from the darkness.

  • Local DJ starting group to focus community against discrimination
  • Miguel Garcia De Quevedo has held fundraising events for Pulse victims
  • Wants to make sure community unity lasts

Miguel Garcia De Quevedo, 23, is a local DJ who has a passion for music and humanity.

"It is clear that Orlando has no issue with who you are, what you believe in, who you choose to love,” Garcia De Quevedo said. “And I feel like that should be something monumental to this city."

He's held a number of fundraising events like a live stream with more than 30 DJ's across the state to raise funds for the 49 victims of the attack.

He started a Facebook page called Orlando United Against Hate, a central hub for information related to community efforts. Now it's a website: and he wants to make it a non-profit.

The organization will be focused on bringing the community together against discrimination and other important causes that affect this generation.

"We are going to be establishing more events for everybody from all walks of life to be able to attend and participate, that way the community can get a full interaction with everybody," he said.

Garcia De Quevedo says there should be no tolerance for hateful thoughts, hateful language or hateful actions.

"We need something that's going to unite all of us,” he said, “And bring us all together and not let tragedies be the only thing that brings us all together."

Right now there are many events and fundraisers in place to aid the community but as time passes he’s afraid people will forget. This is why he wants to create something that won’t fade away, he says.