A couple who made a living making people feel beautiful in Kissimmee were victims of Sunday's mass shooting. In return, the community wants them to be remembered as beautiful souls.

  • Memorial in front of Kissimmee salon honors 2 victims, owners of business
  • Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez and Luis Daniel Conde are remembered for making customers feel welcome

As the days pass, the victims of the Pulse nightclub attack are beginning to become more than just names.

"I've started to recognize that the victims are not only from Orange County, but Osceola County and it's impacting our community here. And it is impacting us in a very real and personal way," said Kissimmee resident Amy Richards.

Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez, 37, and Luis Daniel Conde, 39, went to the same high school in Puerto Rico. They were longtime partners and ran a beauty salon in Kissimmee by the name of Alta Peluqueria D'Magazine.

They also died together at Pulse early Sunday.

Friends said the couple worked on many fashion shows and community events including Belleza Latina, a Hispanic beauty pageant. Juan was a hair stylist and Luis was a makeup artist and the two were inseparable. 

People paid their respects by dropping off flowers, candles and balloons. Messages in chalk were also left on the sidewalk and walls of the establishment.

One note in Spanish read: "Thank you for making me beautiful."

Wanda Merced, who had come to their salon for years, said the couple always made her feel right at home. They would welcome her and give her a hug and a kiss. "It's like I lost my family," Merced said. 

For those who paid a visit to this memorial, coming back to this salon will never be the same.

There wias a vigil Wednesday night in front of D’ Magazine Salon on East Osceola Parkway.