Fall means football and football means wings. But that doesn't mean they can't have some class!

Chef Jason Bergeron of the new Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen in Lake Nona revealed his secrets behind two recipes. The wings are - literally - smokin,' as he uses a Josper to smoke the wings, then a cloche to trap in the smoke until it gets to the table. He tops the wings with the daintiest of ingredients, like hydroponic micro-celery.

"They'll last for two months in my cooler," Chef said.

Chef puts a housemade buffalo sauce in the brine, which also has ancho chili for a "smokey, kinda earthy flavor." All he'd reveal about his super-secret dry rub is that there's "onion powder, garlic powder, a little bit of cumin and coriander in there.”

The wings are then smoked, then grilled on the Josper, a combination charcoal grill and oven.

“Definitely the best way is with a charcoal grill," he demoed. "Flip, rotate, close. We’ll probably do that four times.”

Along with the wings, Chef is showing us how to make patatas bravas.

"[They're] very traditional in the small plates-style restaurant," he said.

Chef prefers fingerling potatoes, cooked in olive oil, then fried. The San Marzano tomato-based sauce and lime zest cerate a surprising sweetness.

"It smells, like, floral, almost."

Let's cook!



  • Brined wings 4 ea
  • Blue cheese mousse 2 oz
  • Micro celery greens Sm pinch
  • Pickled celery ½ oz
  • Cloche
  • Smoking gun


Roast wings in Josper.
Place blue cheese mousse in bottom of blue bowl.
Top with wings.
Top with pickled celery and celery leaf.
Place cloche on top and hit with smoking gun to fill with smoke before serving.



  • Confit fingerling potatoes 5 oz
  • Tomato reduction 2 oz
  • Aioli 1 oz
  • Lime zest 2 passes
  • Salt and pepper pinch


Fry fingerlings and season.
Place tomato sauce on bottom of terra cotta dish.
Place potatoes on top.
Drizzle half with aioli.
Grate zest.