Brett Sahm helps working people find their perfect match for volunteering.

As an attorney, Sahm has a pretty full schedule of court cases, but he was always talking with friends about how they should take time to give back.

"We wanted to be able to feel more comfortable and also build that camaraderie between us, which would allow us to want to do more volunteer events together and it grew from there," Sahm said.

Sahm is talking about Orlando Outreachers Inc., a nonprofit organization created to help others discover the power of working together to help others.

"We wanted to provide people with the sense of the fact that they can get out there and volunteer," Sahm said. "They don't have to be afraid because they're going to meet a bunch of great people out there that'll make them feel welcome and will know more about the cause that can fill them in such that the volunteer will know more about the organization immediately that they're working with."

Orlando Outreachers Inc. aims to help smaller, local charity organizations.

"Our main goal is actually to put in the sweat equity, to actually go out there with the manpower and to actually help out the charity or work in conjunction with the charity in any way that they wanted to," Sahm said.

Orlando Outreachers Inc. has about 200 active volunteers and many more supporters via their Facebook page, which also serves as a rallying point and encourages charities that need their help to reach out through social media.

"The goal is to make the community as a collective whole a giant volunteer base," Sahm said. "I want the community to become active — active volunteers to help other people in the community. And by helping other people in the community, they're going to gain a sense of fulfillment themselves."

Orlando Outreachers Inc. relies on its volunteers and sponsors to donate time and supplies, but the organization expects to need fundraisers as it continues to grow.