A bill to carry guns on college campuses has been filed again after a similar bill died in the Florida legislature last session.

This time, Republican lawmakers hope the bill passes, but universities and law enforcement officers are pushing back.

Lawmakers began the push for guns on campus after a man shot three people inside the library at Florida State University in November.

The bill would allow people over 21 with concealed carry permits to carry guns on college campuses in Florida.

"I would hope that, as these tragedies happen, we could learn from these terrible situations," said state Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, who supports the bill.

But universities and their law enforcement agencies are fighting it. Many joined the League of Women Voters on Thursday for a gun safety summit.

"Every university president, every police chief of a university, and every student government association is opposed to this," said Brett Meade, the University of Central Florida's deputy chief of police.

There are also worries about the changes the bill would bring. At Valencia College, campus officers are not armed. If passed, the college would have to outfit all officers with weapons.

"I have not seen one firearm on any of the Valencia campuses in the last year and a half that I've been there, not one," said former Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney, who now runs Valencia's security department. "So, now we are introducing guns into the campus setting, a sterile environment."

Hank Shirah, director of public safety at Pensacola State College, said doing that would cause chaos.

"Alcohol, temper and weapons do not go together," Shirah added.

But that does not change the mind of Plakon or other Republican lawmakers who believe the bill is necessary for the safety of students.

"Why should a responsible 21 year old have their Second Amendment rights stripped away the second they walk across that line?" Plakon said.

The League of Women Voters and over 365 universities have created a campaign to keep guns off campus, vowing to fight the bill to the end.