City commissioners are considering a major investment that could change the landscape of downtown Cocoa Beach.

After building a new fire station, city leaders are now looking at a new police station and City Hall.

Charles Holland, the acting city manager, said the new building would help as the city grows its tourism industry.

Holland said the city just doesn't have enough room in their existing downtown facilities, and as tourism grows in Cocoa Beach, that means more services from the city, and more city employees.

A special meeting Tuesday will look at the options.

From cracked floors to holes in the ceiling, the 53-year-old City Hall and police station building is in need of major repairs, according to city employees.

Commissioners will consider renovating the existing structure, rebuilding it, or moving to another location. The current building sits on some prime real estate at the center of the downtown area.

"If anyone wants to come buy our beautiful City Hall now and convert it into a boutique hotel, now would be the time to talk to us, because other than that, we're going to move forward with doing something else," said Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstrom.

City leaders estimate a new City Hall and police station would cost Cocoa Beach $10 million to $15 million.

There's still work to do on figuring out how to fund the project. Construction would not start until 2017.

You can have say on the plans at Tuesday's City Commission meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. at the current City Hall.