Three guns were recovered in Monday's road rage incident involving George Zimmerman, Lake Mary police said Tuesday.

Police said Matthew Apperson, 36, fired a shot at Zimmerman's truck around 1 p.m. along Lake Mary Boulevard, near Rinehart Road.

Zimmerman wasn't hit by gunfire, but he was sprayed with glass as a bullet flew through the vehicle's window and narrowly missed his head, according to his attorney, Don West.

Lake Mary police said they found two handguns inside Apperson's vehicle: a .40-caliber Glock 22 and a 357 revolver. Detectives also recovered one expended shell casing in the revolver's cylinder.

A Glock 22 handgun was recovered from Zimmerman during the course of the investigation, but detectives have not yet conducted a search of his truck.

Lake Mary police also released the 911 call in the road rage shooting incident.

West said Zimmerman was in town for Mother's Day and was on his way to the doctor when he noticed Apperson following him. He made a U-Turn, and Apperson followed, West said. Then, he said, he caught up with Zimmerman and pulled along side his truck and fired a bullet into the side window.

Apperson is the same man who claimed Zimmerman threatened to kill him in September 2014. Apperson said Zimmerman asked him, "Do you know who I am?" during that road confrontation. No charges were filed in the September incident.

Apperson refused to comment, instead blowing cigarette smoke at reporters as he waited Monday outside the Lake Mary Police Department after the incident.

Attorney Mark NeJame arrived at the police department a short time later, saying he was retained by Apperson to represent him.

"He was acting in self defense," NeJame said. "To get into the details would be really inappropriate at this time."

Zimmerman was taken by ambulance with minor injuries to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford. He was released a short time later, according to West, who represented Zimmerman during his 2013 trial in which he was acquitted of murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Before Monday's incident, Zimmerman was last seen in March in a video interview published by his lawyers, in which he said a person in his circumstances could not feel guilty over surviving a confrontation like the one he had with Trayvon Martinin 2012.

The Justice Department decided in February not to prosecute Zimmerman for a hate crime, concluding there was not enough evidence to establish that Zimmerman willfully deprived Martin of his civil rights.

Zimmerman's last run-in with the law was in January, when a woman told Lake Mary police he threw a wine bottle at her during an argument. The woman later recanted her claim, and the charges against Zimmerman were dropped.

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Lake Mary police at the scene where George Zimmerman was shot at but not seriously injured in what investigators described as a road rage incident.

George Zimmerman's truck is towed away from the scene where shots were fired on Lake Mary Boulevard.

A bullet hole is seen in George Zimmerman's truck as it is towed away from the scene on Lake Mary Boulevard.

George Zimmerman was released from Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford a short time after the being transported with minor injuries. His attorney, Don West, said a bullet just missed Zimmerman's head.

Lake Mary police Officer Bianca Gillett said the alleged shooter, Matthew Apperson, was involved in another road rage incident with Zimmerman in September 2014.

Matthew Apperson refused to comment outside the Lake Mary Police Department on Monday, instead blowing smoke at reporters.