Police said they are trying to figure out how a 35-year-old woman died after her body was found in the backyard of a vacant Daytona Beach home.

A nearby homeowner found the body of Faith Jenkins naked from the waist down late Wednesday night behind the boarded-up home on Kingston Avenue, along U.S. 1 and south of Mason Avenue.

"I'm upset," said Jessica Rhett, who lives near the crime scene. "It's 50 feet from my kids. That could have been my kids. My kids could go walk through the fence and see that if it was daylight. It's been there for a couple of days."

People familiar with Jenkins said she was a known prostitute who would frequent the area and have sex for money in the backyard.

Now, Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood said his investigators are trying to find out if her death could be the work of a serial killer.

Chitwood said a preliminary investigation showed Jenkins was murdered at the abandoned home sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

Although the initial investigation did not show any obvious signs of trauma, like gunshot wounds, a preliminary autopsy report showed Jenkins suffered internal trauma, which led to her death.

Chitwood said Jenkins' murder did not fit the method of operation of the so-called Daytona Beach serial killer, gunshot wounds and leaving behind DNA.

So, at this point, the police investigation does not show any link to that serial killer, who murdered three known prostitutes or drug users from 2005–2007, but Chitwood said he's not discounting that possibility.

"It does not fit the M.O., but then again, if you have a serial killer, they're going to change their ways, especially in today's world," Chitwood said. "They are probably more astute than any of us in this room, as far as what detectives are going to do, what the media is going to report, and things like that. So, obviously, it's something in the back of our minds."

Chitwood asked anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in Jenkins' death to call the Daytona Beach Police Department at (386) 671-5102, and get the killer off the streets.

Police said they are in the process of retracing Jenkins' steps from Sunday to Monday, including going through her phone records.