Someone tried to poison dogs in an Ormond Beach dog park and investigators are searching for the suspect.

Teresa Downey found what she described as a few good chunks of meat inside the Michael Crotty Bicentennial Park near Ormond Beach Wednesday.

She opened one the chunks and was surprised at what she found.

"There was about five pills, which I identified as Ibuprofen, generic Ibuprofen tablets," Downey said.

She quickly called 911.

About a dozen chunks of tainted meat were found inside both the small and big dog parks.

Some owners did not find out about Wednesday's incident until Friday, after they read a letter left behind by a dog owner, whose dog ingested the tainted meat.

That dog became ill and was taken to a vet. The dog is expected to recover.

"Let’s say a 10 pound dog gets a full pill of Ibuprofen, which just over the counter 200 milligrams, that's enough to put some dogs into acute kidney failure," said Dr. Aman Sukhija at Atlantic Animal Hospital.

And, he adds, if gone untreated, ingesting the pain killer could put some dogs into toxic shock.

"I think it's horrible. We come here every single day and we have great dogs that come here and it's scary," said dog owner Jennifer Rizzi.

"Why anyone would want to harm animals that have no connection to them is beyond me?" said dog owner Mike Gianopoulos.

Veterinarians say that if you suspect your dog has ingested Ibuprofen, you should take the pet to the vet right away before it's too late.