Police in New Orleans said they have arrested a man who shot and critically injured a Tulane University medical student from Central Florida.

New Orleans police said Euric Cain, 21, gave a full confession to shooting Peter Gold, 25, of Longwood, who was trying to help a woman under attack by the suspect.

Meanwhile, in Longwood, those who knew Gold called him a hero, adding they are not surprised by his bravery.

Surveillance video shows a disturbing scene, which played out early Friday morning on Saint Mary Street in New Orleans, when the attacker, identified as Cain, dragged a woman to his SUV parked nearby.

The video then shows Gold stop his car and get out to help the woman being attacked.

Police said Cain shot Gold in the stomach after Gold told the suspect he didn't have any cash.

Investigators added it appeared Cain tried to shoot Gold in the head.

Gold graduated from Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs in 2008. Christie Adams, a teacher at Lake Brantley, said Gold worked on the school yearbook.

"When I first saw the video, my immediate thought was, 'What a hero,' and how lucky he is that the gun jammed," Adams said.

"Obviously he's got a purpose; he's here to do more than lose his life that quickly," Adams said of Gold. "I remember him always being a polite, helpful young man."

Gold, now a fourth-year medical student at Tulane University, was recovering Monday at university's medical center.

Gold's family released the following statement:

The Gold Family thanks everyone for their continued concern. Peter continues to improve and remains in guarded condition.

"Always a pleasant guy and very friendly," said Rich Anderson, Gold's next-door neighbor in Longwood. "It really speaks to him and the kind of man he is to assist this woman down in New Orleans."

Tulane University President Mike Fitts released a statement Monday afternoon after Cain's arrest:

I know you share my gratitude and relief that the suspect in Friday’s shooting of Tulane medical student Peter Gold has been arrested.

We are indebted to the New Orleans Police Department and the U.S. Marshal Service for apprehending the suspect in this case, which has deeply affected the entire Tulane community. We continue to keep Peter and the Gold family utmost in our thoughts and ask everyone to do the same. We also ask that everyone continue to respect the Gold family's need for privacy.

Peter continues to improve and remains in guarded condition. His story has attracted international attention, as people from around the world marvel at his bravery, compassion and strength.

Those who have known Peter the best and the longest — his family, his friends and his Tulane family — also marvel at his courage and character as we direct all our thoughts and prayers to his healing.