George Zimmerman surrendered his firearms per a judge's orders after his arrest Friday for aggravated assault.

A Seminole County judge gave Zimmerman until Tuesday to turn in his guns as a condition of his release on bond.

We checked earlier Tuesday with his attorney, Don West, who said Zimmerman surrendered his firearms to him on Saturday, shortly after his release.

West said he then gave the guns to a third party for safe keeping.

Zimmerman, the 31-year-old acquitted in Trayvon Martin's death, was arrested Friday night after his girlfriend told Lake Mary police he threw a wine bottle at her during an argument.

Zimmerman has denied any wrongdoing, claiming to police it was his girlfriend, who has not been identified, who threw the bottle.

In addition to making him turn in his guns, the judge also forbade Zimmerman from entering Volusia County, where the victim now lives.

Friday marked the second time Zimmerman has been arrested since his acquittal of murder in 2013. Despite several run-ins with the law, he has not been prosecuted for any crime since his murder trial.