An Orlando woman lucky to be alive tonight after the car she was driving in caught on fire and she was trapped behind the wheel.

That women spoke to News 13 and told us about the terrifying ordeal.

Not much is left of Kelly McGuire’s black Honda Civic after a serious fire started under the hood.

McGuire says she was driving early Thursday morning on Fern Creek Road in Orlando when her car began to smoke, and flames started rising from the engine. But she says when she pulled over but the fire had already destroyed the power locks – leaving her trapped inside.

In a panicked state, Kelly McGuire thought she was trapped inside the burning car. McGuire later stated she did not realize only the wiring in the car's electrical harness had been destroyed, and that her locks would have still work manually.

"I could feel the smoke kind of seeping in my car, around the door handles was starting to get warm," said McGuire.

McGuire called 911 who used GPS from her phone to pin point where she was.

"They were there in the nick of time. Immediately when they pulled up, my car was in flames up onto the windshield, and that’s when they pulled me out.

Scorch marks from the blaze are still next to glass in the road where the car burned.

After Kelly was pulled to safety the entire car went up in flames less than two minutes later.

"I just felt helpless, I didn’t know what to do," said McGuire.

Kelly’s mother Donna received a call a short time later, informing her of the incident.

"She said, 'I’m OK, my car caught fire and they pulled me out,' I immediately grabbed my keys, got in the car and went to the location," said Kelly's mother, Donna McGuire.

Kelly only suffered a scraped foot from the broken glass; and that’s it.

Considering the heat was so intense at one point it melted her purse to the seat.

McGuire has a message she'd like to deliver to Orlando Fire Rescue crews that saved her.

"I was talking to my boyfriend about making a cake for them and just bringing it down to the station because I am so ... I can’t express how thankful I am," said McGuire.

Officials say it’s still too early to tell what may have caused the fire to start.

In the meantime, McGuire will use a rental before looking to purchase a new car.