Before he could get away, a burglary suspect was tackled by a couple of neighbors and a Chihuahua in Orange County.

Jermaine Omar Kendrick, 40, was allegedly caught in the act after he tripped the alarm at a home on High Grove Way, near Apopka-Vineland Road and Balboa Drive. The home belonged to an Orange County deputy.

We spoke with one of the Good Samaritans who helped stop Kendrick.

“I jumped on him and kind of like wrapped him up in his legs and everything," said the neighbor who would not share his name. "I’m like, I watch the show 'Cops'."

This neighbor was walking with Roxy the chihuahua around 2 o’clock Monday afternoon, when just around the corner deputies said Kendrick was burglarizing a home. That’s when the neighbor and Roxy sprang into action.

“So I like turn around, then there’s an SUV there and some guy screaming, ‘Help! Help!’" he said. "So, I thought it was, you know, one of my neighbors needing help. He’s like, ‘Get them guys! Get that guy!”

Kendrick allegedly fled the home after the alarm was tripped and the victim came home while Kendrick was in her house. That’s when a nearby deputy went after Kendrick and called for help. That deputy’s screams for help were answered by the two neighbors.

Deputies said Kendrick ultimately hit a speed bump and came to a dead end when he was tackled.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings even called the neighbor to thank him for his help.

“Yeah, he just called me up and said, ‘Hi. This is Sheriff So and So'," the neighbor said. "I just want to thank you very much for yesterday. You were a big help. The victim, she wants to thank you for helping apprehend the gentleman. You know, because, she had come home when he was in the house.”

Kendrick has a long history of burglary, dating back to 1991. We’re told the victim is ok. Her stolen items were returned.