The launch of a Delta IV rocket from the Space Coast has been scrubbed -- it was the fourth attempt in as many days, but was ultimately called off due to weather.

Heavy storms and lots of lightning in the area are yet again to blame for the fourth scrub of the Delta IV.

The ULA Delta IV remains ready to go on the pad at Complex 37, and officials have announced a 48-hour turnaround, meaning the next launch attempt will be Monday at 6:43 p.m.

The goal still remains to launch a pair of twin satellites, plus another micro satellite, for the U.S. Air Force.


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Weather conditions did improve for Saturday's launch attempt, rising to 40 percent favorable, while conditions on Monday are closer to 50 percent favorable at launch time. Meteorologists said anvil clouds, lightning and cumulous clouds are the primary concerns for the next several days.

United Launch Alliance said a problem with a ground control environmental system item scrubbed Wednesday night's original opportunity.

Officials tried for two additional attempts with 24-hour turnarounds for the Delta IV rocket after the initial scrub.

The Delta IV is carrying a pair of Air Force tracking satellites, and another one for a separate mission in orbit.


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