The lookout man in an execution style murder tried to get out jail but an Orange County judge denied bail Wednesday. As part of his plea, Nesley Ciceron is working with the prosecution against Bessman Okafor in the murder of 19-year-old Alex Zaldivar.

Alex’s father, Rafael, says the denial of bond will save Ciceron’s life.

“I see him every day but it’s very difficult for me because he was so young,” said Rafael Zaldivar as he remembers his son, Alex, the victim of an execution style shooting for which Nesley Ciceron says he was the lookout man.

The younger Zaldivar was supposed to testify against Bessman Okafor, suspected of a crime Zalidivar witnessed.

Alex Zaldivar, 19, didn’t make it but his roommates, Brienna and Remington Campos survived. Their parents looked on as Ciceron’s bail was denied.

“Every time one of them thinks they’re going to get away with something, we’ll be here to be the voice of the children,” proclaimed Deanna Campos.

Rafael Zaldivar was not in the courtroom, but follows this closely. Zaldivar says this denial of bail is a good thing in more than one way, that Ciceron will actually live to testify against Okafor, which is something Alex Zaldivar didn’t get to do. Rafael Zaldivar believes due process in the legal system will prevail.

“That I’m fighting for him [Alex] and he knows it. I can feel it. He knows I’m doing the right thing,” Zaldivar said.

Ciceron will have sentencing in July. Okafor and other suspects believed to be involved will go to trial next year.