ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The length of yellow lights has one Orange County driver seeing red.

Stephen Haugh says the yellow light intervals are inconsistent between his home in Waterford Lakes and his job by the airport.

He even purchased a stopwatch to keep track.

“When I get stuck at a red light or I’m coming up to a red light I see it turn yellow, I’ll start the watch and by the time it turns red, I’ll stop the watch,” described Haugh.

It all started two and a half years ago when he found out cameras had captured him going through red lights three separate times.

“I had to pay a thousand dollars. I’m thinking, ‘I drive so slow, how am I getting red light tickets?’ So I started keeping track of them,” he said.

He says there are plenty of short yellow lights, including at Alafaya Trail and Waterford Lakes Parkway. He wants yellow lights to be longer and more consistent.

Orange County Spokesperson Kelly Finkelstein says all yellow light intervals comply with FDOT rules.

“No traffic signal in Orange County has a yellow interval of 2.0 seconds as indicated by the viewer,” said Finkelstein. “As indicated by the FDOT Traffic Engineering Manual, yellow intervals vary depending on the speed limit.”

At Alafaya and Waterford Lakes, for example, the yellow intervals range from 3.4 to 4.8 seconds, she stated.

Orange County stated if the speed limit is less than 25 miles per hour, then the yellow light interval will not be shorter than 3.4 seconds.

Haugh does not buy it. He still thinks the county should re-evaluate the lights.

And until they are longer, he says, he will continue to track them with his stopwatch.

“Best 5 bucks I ever spent right here,” Haugh said about his digital stopwatch.