ORLANDO, Fla. — Host Allison Walker leads a discussion about Florida’s response to Hurricane Elsa and how a red tide resurgence is impacting county finances.

After last year’s record-breaking hurricane season with 30 named storms, our Weather Experts say early forecast models predict an above-average 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. In 2020, 12 hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. compared with the previous record at nine.

Elsa was the earliest fifth-named storm on record. With more storms starting to develop earlier in the season, we discuss how that impacts preparations for hurricane season and how it’s changing the way local governments prepare and inform the public.

Elsa also sparked several tornado warnings in Florida, but are city and county governments developing improved tornado warning systems for its respective communities?

Our guests take a look at how impactful these storms are to the local communities, which are typically bustling with travel and tourism during the summer.

We explore all these questions and more in this week’s In Focus.

Our guests this week: