The new trend among the health-conscious is the movement known as "farm to table."  This is where what you order at a restaurant is supposed to come directly from a local farm, thereby ensuring freshness with the product, as well as local money staying in the local community to help local businesses.  What happens, though, when "farm to table" doesn't actually include local products?  A 2016 Tampa Bay Times series of articles called into question the validity of this style of marketing, pointing out that some products actually come from overseas.  We talk about the costs when it comes to local businesses trying to provide local product, protections that are either in place or are proposed to be in place that are meant to protect the consumer, as well as how natural disasters, such as Hurricane Irma, can wreak havoc with the best laid plans when it comes to locally produced product.  Guests include State Sen. Dennis Baxley [R], Laura Reiley (Tampa Bay Times food critic), Kathleen Blake (Chef/Owner, Rusty Spoon), Emily Rankin (Chef and Owner – FL & Co. at the East End Market).