ORLANDO, Fla. — Karen has been downgraded to a tropical depression, and Lorenzo is now weakening. 


Karen has completely dissipated in the Atlantic 425 miles east-southeast of Bermuda. The center of circulation has opened up into a surface trough of low pressure and is no longer tropical.

This low may persist for a few days but is poorly organized and will continue to weaken. ​


Lorenzo remains a major hurricane but has weakened now to a category 3.

Lorenzo is located about 1575 miles southwest of The Azores, moving to the north-northwest at 12 mph. Winds are now at 125 mph. Tropical storm force wind extend out 265 miles from the center of circulation and hurricane-force winds extend out 45 miles from the center.

A north-northwest track is expected to continue into Saturday morning, but will turn quickly to the northeast as it slowly weakens.

Central Florida

Here in Central Florida, even though Lorenzo is far away, a long period swell will reach our coast by Sunday and create a high rip current risk for several days early next week.

We are past the peak of Atlantic hurricane season, which runs through November 30.