TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Two years after Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, bringing destruction in its path, some Brevard County parks are still closed.

  • Irma caused more than $12M in damages
  • All but five Brevard County parks have been repaired
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Irma caused more than $12 million in damage to Brevard County owned parks.

Josh Crawford and his wife Corinne have been waiting for Veterans Memorial Park in Titusville to reopen.

"I used to bring the kids out here and we'd fish off the dock and they'd have fun," said Josh Crawford, "And we haven't been able to do that in two years, and we haven't heard anything being done at all."

The hurricane twisted the docks, making them unsafe for use. In total, 20 county parks were no match for Irma's winds and waves.

Like Veterans Memorial, Kennedy Point Park is also closed in Titusville.

"This place used to be full of people and now it's just a ghost town," said Josh Crawford.

Brevard County has been waiting on money from insurance and FEMA.

"It's the whole process of permitting," said Don Walker, Brevard County spokesperson. "It's just a slow steady chisel away at the iceberg."

To speed things up, last year the county commission took action.

"We wanted to get those projects done and we can't wait forever, so we took an in-house loan out basically," said Walker, "so we're getting a lot of that work done."

So far, all but five parks have been repaired.

Those that still need work, in North Brevard County, are now all in the permitting process.

"I just wish this place would hurry up and get fixed," said Josh Crawford.

Currently, there is no timetable as to when those repairs will be complete.

The parks department is also dealing with damage from Hurricane Dorian, which could total close to a million dollars.