FLORIDA — With the start of hurricane season just weeks away, Florida lawmakers are trying to tackle a problem that has not been fixed in two years: lack of fuel set aside for an emergency.

On Wednesday, the Senate Governmental Oversight and Accountability Committee takes up SB 404, which would create a task force to configure gas storage around the state.

The bill was introduced by south Florida Sen. Gary Farmer, a Democrat, this legislative session in order to address the long lines at the pump and statewide shortages as Floridians evacuated the state en masse ahead of Hurricane Irma in 2017.

One year ago, then-Sen. Bill Nelson peddled his own bill to address the fuel crisis, calling its passage "common sense," however, the bill stalled.

Now lawmakers are hoping there is enough concern on the six-month mark since Hurricane Michael hit the Panhandle to fuel their bill.

While lawmakers in Tallahassee will consider SB 404 on Wednesday, even if it becomes law, changes are much further down the road.

The task force will not begin work until next year; recommendations will likely not be implemented until 2021.