Simple, delicious chocolate crafted with only two ingredients: Cocoa beans and sugar. It may seem simple, but the flavors are complex. 

Dandelion Chocolate perfected the bean-to-bar technique in a garage in San Francisco. It is now an international brand with a pop-up in downtown Los Angeles.

Greg Delesandro is their bean sorcerer who travels around the world to find the best possible cocoa beans.

“You can’t make great chocolate without great beans,” says Delesandro.

Every bean offers a different flavor. This is what Delesandro teaches in the tasting classes by having tasters simply experience the chocolate. 

No extra ingredients are added to the chocolate bars because they naturally have different flavor profiles. Different beans give a completely different experience depending on where they are from. This is the key to Dandelion Chocolate.

“Part of the reason we make chocolate the way we do is because the flavors are really strong they really come out,” says Delesandro.

The pop-up is in Los Angeles for only six months and the location offers tasting classes, samples daily, bars and gift sets.

Dandelion Chocolate

787 Alameda St.

Los Angeles, CA