SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — As students head back to class, school safety remains a top concern for districts across Central Florida.

  • Many schools have installed more security cameras
  • Some school districts also have resource officers, armed guardians

Seminole County Public Schools will share how it is enhancing security measures at a forum on Tuesday at Millennium Middle School in Sanford.

This comes as a community fundraiser will pay for more cameras at two Seminole County high schools.

Up to 100 cameras will be installed throughout the buildings, though Oviedo High School already has a number of cameras.

"I think the more security, the better. You know with today's society, unfortunately that's the way you have to go," said parent Gail Geddes.

According to Seminole County Sheriff's Office, the cameras were to be installed prior to the start of school, but a new upgrade to the camera system prompted a slowdown.

"And that's why we ran into some delays when we started going down this track and realized there's some different technologies coming out that are a little bit better and we wanted to make sure we were putting in the best product in the school," said Capt. Rick Francis, director of School Safety at Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

In Brevard County, they are working to double the number of security cameras, as 65 school resource officers and 28-armed guardians protected the district's 75,000 students.

Meanwhile, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office determined a threat made on social media was not credible, after parents at Lake Brantley High got a message alert on Monday.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office did determine a threat made on social media was not credible after parents at Lake Brantley High School got a message alerting them.