ORLANDO, Fla. — Administrators at the University of Central Florida say they are taking several steps to keep students safe from the spread of COVID-19 when the campus opens up again in August for the start of the fall semester.

What You Need To Know

  • UCF taking many precautions in classrooms to curb spread of COVID-19

  • UCF's fall semester is scheduled to begin August 24

  • CORONAVIRUS LIVE UPDATES: In the Central Florida area 

While most classes will be online, some smaller classes will be held in classrooms.

Classroom capacities will be much smaller for UCF’s fall semester, with the university only allowing about a fifth of the students normally allowed in its large classrooms.

“We’re going to go from 454 seats to 73 – that’s a big drop,” said Duane Siemen, who is part of the Facilities Operations team at UCF.

Crews are roping off sections of seats in the classrooms to keep students properly distanced from each other.  Even the air should be safer to breathe.  Engineers are installing upgraded air filters, and using UV light to help make sure the air isn’t circulating anything dangerous.

University administrators say even as the pandemic began, they looked ahead to try to offset costs by taking several cost-saving measures,  including turning up the thermostats inside buildings and letting grass grow longer outside.

Classrooms will be fogged with an anti-virus spray every night, and campus administrators say some class times will even be adjusted to keep students apart.

“The registrars office is trying to delay some of those classes so that people don’t accumulate outside the ten minutes before a class while a class is ending,” Siemen said.

Students will have to wear masks in all inside spaces, and outside in areas where social distancing isn’t possible.  And UCF will be handing out masks at a designated location on campus, and be making PPE available in vending machines on campus.

Students are scheduled to begin returning to campus August 8. The fall semester is scheduled to begin August 24.

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