ORLANDO, Fla. — Summer camps across Central Florida are adapting to the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Capacity has been limited to help with social distancing

  • Most children have gotten used to new normal

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida (BGCCF) normally has 2,000 kids enrolled in summer camps. This year, that number is around 800, according to a spokesperson.

Capacity has been limited to help with social distancing. Every child has to wear a mask indoors and there are social distance markers spread throughout each clubhouse.

Dana Bell, service director of the Universal Orlando Boys & Girls Club, said the process has been a lot of trial and error. Part of that includes replacing hugs with elbow bumps, which is still a learning curve for some kids, explained Bell.

But most of the children have gotten used to this new normal at camp.

“Even if we’re not next to each other, we still do the same things — we still talk, we still play,” explained 10-year-old Chloe Williams. “No matter how far apart we are, we still connect.”

The Universal Orlando Clubhouse normally has 350 kids enrolled in summer camp. This year, there are around 65 children.

Bell said the club closing its doors because of the coronavirus was never going to be an option because of the services they provide to deserving children.

“They know when they come here, they’re gonna do learning activities, art activities, physical activities, computer activities, and they’re gonna have a meal,” Bell said. “If they’re at home, who knows what they’re actually going through, what they’re going to get.”

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