ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — In an effort to combat the affordable-housing crisis and replacing wore-out trailers, small homes might be an answer in Bithlo.

1. Non-profit United Global Outreach has been seeking to transform Bithlo, from improving transportation and rallying for healthcare clinics, to now creating a prototype of a small home, which could replace a worn-out trailer and provide more safety during hurricanes. 

2. The small home is located on the campus of Transformation Village, in the heart of Bithlo. 

3. The two-story model, which features 500 plus sq. ft. of space and a real toilet, sink and shower, was framed up by high school and university students. Lumber and other building materials were paid for by a donation.

4. This as Orange County as a whole struggles to combat the affordable housing crisis, seeking solutions and drafting ideas in its Housing for All Task Force. 

5. Leaders just approved a separate project: a dozen micro units for development along Orange Blossom Trail in Holden Heights, though it will take code and policy changes to diversify the housing stock.