ORLANDO, Fla. — Disney CEO Bob Iger isn't commenting on President Donald Trump's Hall of Presidents animatronic at Disney World.

  • Iger avoids question about Trump's Hall of Presidents robot
  • Kimmel asked if Trump would be removed if impeached
  • Disney CEO replied he's "allowed to plead the Fifth"

Iger, who has been promoting his new book, was asked a very specific question during a Thursday appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Host Kimmel asked the 68-year-old Disney executive about getting his start at ABC before turning the conversation to politics.

"If Donald Trump is removed from office — impeached — will you remove him from the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland and Disney World?" Kimmel asked.

Iger chose not to answer the question.

"I think I'm allowed to plead the Fifth," Iger said.

The question came as a formal impeachment inquiry of Trump is underway.

Trump's animatronic was added to the Magic Kingdom attraction in 2017, which was revamped with a new video, new narration and other upgrades to the theater. The attraction, which opened with the park in 1971, features robot likenesses of all past U.S. presidents. Disneyland does not have a Hall of Presidents attraction. 

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