PALM COAST, Fla. — A Flagler County A+ Teacher has found the right chemistry in the classroom by speaking her students' language. 

What You Need To Know

  • Khady Harmon teaches both chemistry and French

  • She says that all of her classes are abuzz with excitement

  • She originally wanted to go to medical school, but she caught the teaching bug

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Khady Harmon teaches chemistry and French at Matanzas High School.

"I am from Senegal, so French is the native language," she said.

Her lessons in both subjects are a favorite at the school.

"The French classes are very lively. It's a language class, so there's a lot of talking. It's a lot of music. It's a lot of culture," she revealed.

The skilled educator teaches French in the morning and chemistry in the afternoon and says her classes are a constant buzz of excitement. 

"By nature, science is collaboration and French is communication. It's very student-oriented, so they can explore, they can ask questions," she said.

Harmon did not initially have her sights set on teaching.

"My original goal was to go to medical school and when I started being a teacher assistant in college and all of the students were raving about how my sessions were so great. I thought, ‘hmmm, that might be a gift there,’" she recalled.

It is a gift Harmon one day hopes to share with students back in Senegal to bridge the digital divide.

She is hoping her life's journey inspires her students here at home.

"I have a few students pre-Covid that wanted to go to Italy and wanted to go to France and wanted to go to other places so that they could study not just the language but also science just like I did. It makes them think about the flexibility that education does bring you," she shared.