It might be a bit of an understatement to simply say that Wildwood football hasn’t had the best few seasons. The team, after all, even cancelled the varsity program in 2015 to re-group. Riding a massive losing streak, the Wildcats are turning things around though under a new Head Coach.

“Anytime you come from a team and a program that was 0-23 in the last 23 games, there are a lot of things that come with that. There is a reason you are 0-23 so it’s kind of breaking those things, and breaking down bad habits,” said new Head Coach McKinley Rolle.

It’s all about the fundamentals in Rolle’s first weeks at Wildwood for spring football. Having previously coached at places like Umatilla, Lecanto and Lake Minneola, revamping a losing program doesn’t come easy.

“We’re doing it slowly but surely, it’s a process and we are going to continue to do it,” said Rolle.  “It’s not something we are going to be able to do overnight, it’s something we are trying to get better at. It’s a culture we are trying to create here and culture always beats scheme.”

For the rising seniors who have been on the receiving end of all those L’s, Coach Rolle is inspiring a different attitude.

“He’s been bringing a new look,” said rising senior Tyree Bryant. “He pushes us harder to do our jobs and stuff. It just makes you want to work harder to get to that level and get to that point.”

The new look Wildcats even pulling in transfers. Quarterback Coby McClellan jumping from South Sumter to Wildwood this spring.

“Wildwood has always had talent, they just lacked organization,” said McClellan. “I think with Coach Rolle and a few more of the coaching staff that have come out here alongside of him, I think it’ll be better off for this program.”

This spring has been all about the little things; instilling new plays and perfecting techniques.

“I’m very fundamentally and technically sound. The teams that usually execute better are the teams that usually win,” said Rolle. “Obviously you want to play physically but you’ve got to know what you are doing, and you have got to have confidence in what you are doing. So I always preach alignment, assignment, and technique. If we do that correctly we’ll be successful.”

And if success comes with a win or two, that’d be great too.